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Ringtones MORE - K / DA ft. Madison Beer, (G) I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine Download:

[Pre-Chorus: Madison Beer's &  Miyeon ]
Trade shows All the I'll Ever Know Life is up on ares Throne
Getting Started If you're looking for tips
You want

[Chorus: All & Miyeon]
Know I got it, so here you go (Let's go)
You look like you could use some more (More)
Know I got it and never runnin' low (Low)
Yeah, I got more than enough, add it up and away (Ayy, ayy)
You know I got it like bomb-bomb, blow your mind
Never givin' less and that's how it'll stay (Ayy, ayy)
You know I got it like all day, all the time